Monday, July 25, 2016

Gnat Night

I have looked back through past posts and I cannot find if I have described the event I'm about to describe. Susan and I both experienced this event last year. It seems like it happens on one particular night, which happened to be tonight...for this year.

The event is the amassing of the gnats.

Here is a picture looking west from our front porch. If you were to zoom in on that large tree, you would see what appears to be a bunch of dots all over. Those dots are bugs...I am calling them gnats, but I am not sure about that.
This picture is a zoom in of the tree and a better depiction of the dots/bugs/gnats. I think you can see them a little better.
We noticed this conflagration last year and were mesmerized by it.

As the sun was setting, it lit up the area in front of this tree to reveal thousands of bugs swarming. Every once and a while, a small tornado of bugs would swirl into a tight ball and move through the swarm until it dissipated.

I tried to get a video of the tornadoes and I think I could have captured it. However, my lack of knowledge about how this camera works turns against me.

My problem might have been that all my batteries were nearly dead and I just didn't have enough power to record the video.

In any event, I have now recorded Gnat Night for 2016. We shall see if it recurs this year or if we have to wait another year.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Wall Paper - The Beginning

I hope you have been keeping up with my health issues over on the other Blog. However, this Blog is for the house and all things house related. So here we are!

Susan is getting started with her wall papering in the bathroom. This is an area where I stay out of the way. She is the paper hanger in the family. It usually involves lots of muttering under her breath, a little cussing and and a lot of me staying out of the way.

So I'll snap a few photographs and then commence to staying out of the way.
She made progress. In fact, she made damn good progress.

She worked all afternoon and has just finished up for the day.

Now we are walking to a near by Italian restaurant for dinner.

Friday, July 08, 2016

Heart Health Has Household Hobbies on Hold

I had a doctor's appointment this morning to follow up on my defib implant from a month ago. As I write this, I am in a hospital bed in Room 625-2 of Sacred Heart Medical Center.

To get more information on "wazzzzzzup", visit for this date.

That way, I don't have to tell the story twice.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Solstice Report

It has taken me until Monday to report on the events of the weekend. It hasn't been particularly hectic, but we've had other things to do.

What was hectic was the hour prior to the start of the Solstice/Birthday Party. Susan felt she was waaaay behind which caused her great stress which was transferred to me.

Once the first guests started to arrive, Susan finally simmered down and had a beer.

Mom and about eight of her friends arrived by Limousine.
We figured out we had about 55 people at the house and at one point, they were all at the house at the same time. Then 9:00 arrived and we were down to about 15 folks. We all kind of puttered around and cleaned up. Before you knew it, everything was fairly tidy. We then settled down on the deck to drink and chat.

The great part of the party was the attendance of many of my cousins. Cheryl and Kerry Roberts, and Karla Peyton as well as all my sister Sherry's kids.

Sunday was a very mellow day which started with Brunch at Mom's.
We all met for one last time before everyone had to hit the road. Again, great to see EVERYONE!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Mo' Progress

We have had another major advancement in modern bathroom technology enhancement.
Shown above is a sink. It is a method of delivering water, on demand, to the operator of the sink. In this fashion, the operator may wash his (or her) face and hands, consume the aforementioned water, or just turn it on and let the water run for hours on end.
We will eventually change out this faucet. We would like something more old fashion looking, two handle cross tops with porcelain knobs.

But for now, and with the Solstice Party around the corner, this faucet will do

Life's Simple Pleasures

It was a true pleasure to take my morning constitutional in the main floor bathroom this morning. The floor was warm and the capacious setting brought serenity unto my personage. There was also the satisfaction of being in a room that we had a major hand in creating. And a little embarrassment at how long it has taken.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Three Hundred Ninety-Se7en Days Without a Toilet

I left work an hour early today in order to get home and get some important preliminary work done in the bathroom. I had to get the bead board installed on the toilet wall. I did all the measurements and layout last night and got everything marked up. When I got home, all I had to do is get everything cut out.
Surprisingly, it all fit! Wow!!! 

The other big obstacle was to remove the valve that supplies the toilet with water so I could place the bead board. That required the purchase of a crimping tool that tightens the ring around the valve. The tool cost $62.00 for something I will use once...maybe twice if I screw up. In reality, I used it once.

Anyway, all went well and the panel is in place. 

The next task was to pull the old toilet out of the Carriage House and get it cleaned up. It was a mess. 

Once the toilet was ready, it was a matter of placing the wax ring, putting the screws in place, and dropping the potty into position. 

All went well and we have a working toilet on the main floor.
Our looooooooooooooooooong national nightmare is over.

The next thing to do is to see if we can make the sink work.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

One Week to Solstice Party

We had decent weather today and that allowed for some good progress in the bathroom. 

We had a little more progress with the shower. We need our finishing tile, which should be in tomorrow. Then Ron will finish that one side of the shower so I can get the bead board up and get the toilet installed. 

I also made some progress on the north wall with bead board. It is taking me some time to get each panel placed and fitted properly so I do not proceed quickly. But I am proceeding and with luck, we might have a sink installed with our toilet. 
Man, are we getting hoitey-toitey or what?!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Adapt, Improvise, Overcome

Please to take note of the photograph below.
You will notice that the shower tile is coming dangerously close to the wall box where the heater will be. We still have to add a decorative tile and a thin bull nose pencil tile to finish.

With the heater in that location, it wasn't going to work.

So Susan asked if there was any way to move the heater over slightly. We had already moved it once when we realized it was too close to the toilet. Well, we thought about it and came to the conclusion that we could screw a 2x4 to the stud and move the box over about an inch and a half.
And so, that is exactly what we did. Now we have enough room to make our tile design work.

I like it when we come up against a problem and Susan figures out a fix.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Tile in a Shower

I think we are at another major milestone sign post delineation. We have begun the tiling of the shower.

This is how far we got today. When I say we, I of course mean Ron. He is our tile guy. Although, I did a lot of observing today and I think I can do it. I'm going to try and help out on Wednesday when Ron returns to finish.

Friday, June 10, 2016

June Post

There has been a slight break in bathroom activity. My heart has raised it's ugly ventricle and is giving me some problems. You can check out my other blog to get caught up on my health issues. 

I've been home all week and trying to do little projects here and there as I am able and feeling like it. I must admit that there have been lots of naps.

I shall report on my progress as I make some.

10:31AM: I have been addressing invitations to the upcoming Solstice party but I am taking a break to go out and buy more envelopes. I have to get some other grocery items as well so I'll probably do that now.

12:24PM: I have completed the addressing of the invitations. Time for a nap!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May's Final Post

Susan and I are pretty sore from patting ourselves on the back after accomplishing so much this past Holiday Weekend. We feel that we are wicked awesome with trends leaning toward moderate skillfulness.
And yet, there is more to do. We are continuing our work on the bathroom, specifically, the tile. We could get really anal about this process. 
When one is down close to the floor and examining the tile up close, it looks pretty bad. 
But when you stand up and give the floor a cursory scan like any other person would do, it looks fine.

So we are trying to find the happy medium.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Weekend Mundane

We began the day with a mission. To go out to the Little Spokane River and procure some fernses. First we stopped for breakfast at Ferguson's Cafe.

Then we headed for the river...

...which turned out to be a total bust. There were no ferns to be had. If it wasn't for the fact that we got to go to the river, I would have been pissed.

So, we went to the Depot and bought the three ferns they had.

Assorted other things occurred that I don't feel like relating here. But we did manage to get some work done on the bathroom floor. We are at the point where we are cleaning the grout and deep cleaning the tile. Once that is done, we can seal the grout. Just one more step towards installing a toilet.

All in all, a great weekend to be an American!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Memorial Weekend Sundee

8:22AM: With the Indy 500 as background music, we are up and at-em with the projects for today. 
Phil arrived at 9:30 and got started on the siding project.
This is the first board in place.
The next thing Phil has to do is cut into some of the old siding so it feathers in nicely and doesn't look like there was ever a whole section of work done in this space.

Susan is back to work potting hanging baskets and will be returning to the front yard to finish the west flower bed.

I'm trying my damnedest to not go out and do any work. However, I think my time has run out. Yup! I just got yelled at. Gotta go!

4:22PM: Here is the progress Phil made today.

Unfortunately, we ran out of lumber. I need to purchase 95 more feet.

Susan finished all her planting and I finished my unplanting, getting this stump of a dead Arbor Vitae out. I

6:01PM: We are off to Mom's for dinner. I shall report back in the next paragraph.

8:30PM: We are beat. We stopped at the Hub and shared a pitcher with Mark. Now we will watch a couple of shows and then off to slumber bed. 

Good Night!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Memorial Weekend Saturday

10:45AM: We haven't done anything yet other than get up, read the paper, drink some coffee (with Baileys) and enjoy a wonderful breakfast of Cheese Eggs and Taters. 

There was a segment on "Ask This Old House" where they replaced a door into a closet with a book shelf that swung open like a hidden door, similar to what I want to do in the bathroom where the old stairway is. I recorded it so I can refer back it when I show Jerry what I want to do.

I've run some laundry this morning and I vacuumed the balcony. Now I'm going up to mop the balcony floor before I move on to my next project.

7:46PM: Many hours have passed and our yard looks better for it. Susan got one of the front gardens planted and all of the Geranium boxes for up stairs on the balcony. 
I cut down a couple of dead arbor vitae and cleaned up around the yard in general. While Susan accomplished a lot and it shows, I accomplished a lot and you might never know it.
Here is the other flower bed that Susan will plant tomorrow.

We went to check out our tile choices and will be ordering everything on Tuesday. After the tile store and a brief stop at "the Depot", we went to the Hub. 

Now we are winding down our day and going to enjoy some burgers, beer and an old Jimmy Stewart movie, "The Shop Around the Corner."

10:17PM: "The Shop Around the Corner" was remade in the 90's as "You've Got Mail". While neither movie was a laugh riot, we got a little joy out of it. It featured Frank Morgan, who is best known as the Wizard of Oz. The odd thing about the movie was that it was set in Budapest. Nobody spoke with an accent and it was really an unnecessary affectation.

Now that the movie review is over, lets have a pit fire and enjoy the first blurry S'Mores of the summer season.