Sunday, August 21, 2016

Wayne Scott & Tile

Susan continues to fuss over cleaning the tile whilst I am doing a variety of little things here and there...preparing for tonight's' bottling, watering the lawn, stoking the beer cooler with ice, things of this nature.

Frankly, I don't feel very helpful. I think I shall return to my work on the wainscoting. I'm very close to completing it.

Okay, we did okay. I got my five pieces of wainscoting cut, including the two panels that have electrical outlets in them. Next I need to paint them and then nail them into place.

Susan is mostly, sort of satisfied kind of with the shower tile, in a way. She prepped the area around the shower and is ready to wall paper. Unless she's not.

We have now had a delicious steak dinner on the front porch except for the part where Susan likes well done and hers was more like medium rarish.
Next on the menu for the evening is to bottle our Tempranillo. Here we go!
We got 23 bottles out of our re-bottle but, it is now something we both like and can drink without reservation. Plus, we now feel much better about entering it in the fair. Whether or not the judges agree with us remains to be seen. We have 22 days until we find out.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Cost of Bailey's

Despite my dumbassery, the sprinkler is motoring along. I'm happy to have it back.

It's another beautiful day with the forecast predicting temperatures to hit the nineties...again. We are planning to do stuff around the house. One of my planned jobs is mowing the lawn.

This will be made extra interesting by the fact that I am wearing a heart monitor. I have to wear it for 48 hours, which expires around 4:00PM today. I thought it would be a good idea to have it record me while active. I have already noted a bike ride on Thursday.
I'm also sitting around this morning doing some ciphering. We always enjoy a bit of coffee with our Bailey's Irish Cream on the weekends and I decided to figure out how much it costs per cup. We go through a 1.75 liter bottle ($42.00) in two weekends. I figured that a 4 ounce pour of Bailey's costs just under $3.00.

My ciphering continues with figuring out my average weight, blood pressure and heart beat over the last 28 days. (I've been keeping notes) That information is over on my health blog,

For now, I need to get some breakfast going and prepare for the many tasks ahead.

10:30AM: Breakfast is finished, Susan has left for a hair appointment, and it is time to mow.

12:58PM: The mowing is in the rear-view mirror and I have survived it with no issues to speak of. I have some lawn watering going and I'm going to go out and try to put some paint on the primed siding. We primed on the 6th so I think it has had time to cure.

3:19PM: I got down the first coat of the green but if you look close, it's streaky. It needs a second coat, which I'm about to go out and put down.

5:16PM: Susan has been working on the shower tile, tidying up the edges so the wall paper will lay cleanly and flatly. 
The second coat of paint went on rather quickly, as you might expect. The unfortunate thing is I used up all the paint and am unsure as to the correct formula for more paint. We shall have to search our records.

After getting the second coat on the siding, I went upstairs to fold some of my laundry. I course of doing so, I discovered that the time had run out on my Heart Monitor and I was Free At Last!

This meant I could have a shower. After all the dust and grime I threw into the air whilst mowing, and having gone 48 hours without a proper cleaning, I was ready. And it felt GREAT!

8:15PM: We have just returned from a delicious meal at the Cathay Inn and we are ready to further adulterate the Tempranillo wine.

Susan purchased three more cans of grape juice. We will be starting by adding half of one can.

Later: We ended up adding the whole can and stopping there. We are now satisfied and this will be as good as it gets.

Bottling is tomorrow.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Tampering with Tempranillo.

We are doing some wine work tonight. We have our 2014 Tempranillo ready to enter the fair. We bottled it about 2 or 3 months ago. We tasted a bottle recently and were not happy.

Last Monday, we uncorked the whole batch, about 25 bottles, into a five gallon carboy. Tonight, we are adding some grape juice concentrate to try and improve the flavor.

The trick is to figure out how much juice to add.

We pulled out one cup of wine and added one tablespoon of juice. That did not seem to do much so we added a second tablespoon. We liked the change. Now we have to extrapolate of numbers into a measurement for five gallons. According to our calculations we needed to add a half gallon of juice. That did not seem right. Susan purchased two 12 oz. cans of Old Orchard Grape Juice. We added one can to the carboy, tasted and added the second. We have decided to add one more but will have to wait until tomorrow because we have to purchase more.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Giant Dumbass

I am a Giant Dumbass!

I got a delivery from UPS the day before yesterday from Fiskars USA. It was the stuff I ordered for my Tractor Sprinkler, a new transmission and a new sprinkler rotor.

I have already done this repair once and that sprinkler was stolen shortly chronicled here.

I started the repair for my old sprinkler that has been sitting in the garage for the last three years. This one will not get stolen because I will not allow it to happen.

Anyway, I got my Dremmel Tool out and ground the wheel caps off the axles. That allowed me to remove the wheels. Then I got my power driver out to remove the screws that hold the transmission on the body.

Two came out quite easily. The other three were locked in pretty tight and would not budge. I tried very hard to get them removed and had no luck. 

I went so far as to use my torch to heat up the metal body, hoping the heat would loosen the screws. All that managed to do was melt the old transmission housing.

Here is why I am a Giant Dumbass. I was so focused on trying to find a Phillips Screw Driver large enough to give me enough leverage to budge the screw, that I completely failed to notice that the heads were little bolts that I could put a ratchet to.

When I brought the tractor body in to work today and asked Gary if he had any ideas on how to loosen the screws, he looked right at it and said, "How about using a socket set?"

I'm a giant Dumbass!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Float Day

With all we have to do around the house, we chose to chuck it all and go canoeing on the Little Spokane River. I don't have any pictures other than some cliffs.

Can you find the face in the rocks?
How about here?
It was a great afternoon and we are beat.

Good Night!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Saturday Stuff

7:53AM: It's Saturday morning, almost eight o'clock. I have just come downstairs to the smell of coffee. I occurred to me what a wonderful sensation that is. 

It looks like it's going to be nice day and there are a number of things I want to get done this weekend, all the while fitting in some enjoyable activities as well. 

Things planned for today are take Willy to the Vet, do some painting around the house over the priming we did last week, water the lawn, perhaps some work in the bathroom, visit the Garland Street Fair and listen to Sammy Eubanks, take samples of wine and beer over to Jim's Home Brew for an evaluation,and drink some beer. 

How successful I am at accomplishing these tasks will be chronicled here.

But first, off to the grocery to get some eggs...after I get my coffee.

8:21AM: I am back from the store. The hoses are running in the yard and I'm going to settle down and read the paper.

10:25AM: I'm back from the Vet. We felt we needed to take Willy in because he is so boney. He has clearly lost weight but it turns out to be only 1 1/4 pounds. But that can be a lot for a cat.

I had a little trouble getting him into the Cat Carrier. Once he saw it, he knew there was trouble ahead.
There was a little trouble for me as well.

Now I'm off to the paint store with a stop at Jim's Home Brew.

11:29AM: Jim's was very little help in determining what we should do with the wines and beer. That is because we entered them in the fair and they (Bob & Gary of Jim's Home Brew) are among the judges. It just would not be fair. 

We bottled a Tempranillo a couple of months ago. we loved it when we bottled it but are not so thrilled with it now. Our Lemberger is from last years trip to Prosser. We have not bottled it. It tastes okay but we are wondering if there is something we can do to make it better.

They did taste my Shummer Sandy Lemon beer. They both thought it was okay but I told them I'm adding some more Lemon flavor to it. They did not respond either way. We all agreed it is a good drinkable beer.

Next, we are off to the Garland Street Fair which is just up the hill from us. The Sammy Eubanks Blues Band is playing and we love them.

1:35PM: We're back from the Sammy Show and the Garland Street Fair. That has really turned into a great event. They have Garland Street shut down from Monroe to Wall, covered with Vendor Booths and even a couple of side streets.

After listening to Sammy for a while, we walked over to Rick's Ringside pub and had a couple of beers.

Unfortunately, Susan has to work tonight so we left to come back home and give her a chance to decompress prior to going to work. I'm going to do a little painting.

4:03PM: I'm nearly done with the painting. At least, this little bit of painting. The painting I'm doing today is to cover the priming we did last week on the dark green trim around the base of the house. I found the old can this morning and pealed off a half inch cap of gelled paint. There were lots of chunks in there so I went to the General Store and got a couple of cheap strainers. It really slow going. It helps to stir the funnel and force the paint through. There's a certain amount that is just going to go to waste. But I'm trying to use as much as I can.

In any event, I happy with the results.

7:05PM: I'm back again! This time I have been back to Jim's to get s'mor CO2. I needed it for mine beer. My last $17,00 bottle bled away.

Then I stopped at the Hub Tavern for waaaaaaay too long. 

But I'm home now and since I'm on my own tonight, I'm going to cook me some dinner. I purchased a nice piece of meat and I shall throw on the barbecue.

9:09PM: I've had myself a nice dinner and am now trying to settle down for the evening. I was hoping to try and put a little paint on the deck siding but it has gotten too dark. 

I'm planning to get a pit fire going before Susan comes home. It seems like a good night for a fire. In the meantime, I'm watching old episodes of Star Trek on Netflicks and doing a few little chores around the plantation.

10:57PM: There is a burning ban throughout the state of Washington so the picture below must be from my archives, even though I appear to be wearing the same clothes I was wearing today.
In any event, it was a lovely way to wind up the day.

Saturday, August 06, 2016

Primer Day

It's been a week now without my Lawn Tractor Sprinkler and I am moving on, but still pissed. I spent $25.00 on one of those wave sprinklers and it is doing an okay job for me. The problem of course, is that I have to attend to it every half hour or so. The Lawn Tractor just moved across the space of the lawn and then turned itself off at the end.

In the meantime, we are still trying to be productive.

Here is our productive work for today.

From this,
to this.
We got a coat of primer on the new siding. Tomorrow we will try to finish up with a nice finishing coat of sage green.

The amazing thing is that it used to look like this.
And while this is not a great shot of the same angle, here is a picture of what we started with.

Saturday, July 30, 2016


I got up around eight this morning, got myself dressed and headed out the door for a brisk walk. I included an errand into the walk and made my way to Yoke's for some groceries.

Before I left, I decided to set my sprinkler and get a good early start on yard watering. So I went behind the arbor vitae to grab my Nelson Industries Traveling Yard Tractor Sprinkler, and it was gone. I had left it there only last about 11PM. I can only surmise that it ambled off into the night to water the lawn of life.

That, or some fucking scumbag, low-life, shit hole, piece of crap, turd ball decided it was more important for him (or her) to have it than me, the guy who paid for it.

I am really getting fed up with these fucking scumbag, low-life, shit hole, piece of crap, turd balls. I really want to set one of these assholes up and pummel them lifeless. (I'm looking forward to the day when this post will be used against me in a court of law.)

The most infuriating thing is that the aforementioned fucking scumbag, low-life, shit hole, piece of crap, turd ball is going to get $5.00 for my $75.00 sprinkler.

Well, I have finally come to the conclusion that I cannot leave anything out. If it is something I want, and I leave it outside for any fucking scumbag, low-life, shit hole, piece of crap, turd ball to lay his hands on it, then it is my fault.

So here is a notice to all you fucking scumbag, low-life, shit hole, piece of crap, turd balls that may be having someone read this to them.

First of all, FUCK OFF & DIE! 

Next, you are welcome to everything that isn't nailed I had to tell you that. I know you already feel that you have the right to everything in the world that is not currently yours.

Lastly, FUCK OFF & DIE!!!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Gnat Night

I have looked back through past posts and I cannot find if I have described the event I'm about to describe. Susan and I both experienced this event last year. It seems like it happens on one particular night, which happened to be tonight...for this year.

The event is the amassing of the gnats.

Here is a picture looking west from our front porch. If you were to zoom in on that large tree, you would see what appears to be a bunch of dots all over. Those dots are bugs...I am calling them gnats, but I am not sure about that.
This picture is a zoom in of the tree and a better depiction of the dots/bugs/gnats. I think you can see them a little better.
We noticed this conflagration last year and were mesmerized by it.

As the sun was setting, it lit up the area in front of this tree to reveal thousands of bugs swarming. Every once and a while, a small tornado of bugs would swirl into a tight ball and move through the swarm until it dissipated.

I tried to get a video of the tornadoes and I think I could have captured it. However, my lack of knowledge about how this camera works turns against me.

My problem might have been that all my batteries were nearly dead and I just didn't have enough power to record the video.

In any event, I have now recorded Gnat Night for 2016. We shall see if it recurs this year or if we have to wait another year.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Wall Paper - The Beginning

I hope you have been keeping up with my health issues over on the other Blog. However, this Blog is for the house and all things house related. So here we are!

Susan is getting started with her wall papering in the bathroom. This is an area where I stay out of the way. She is the paper hanger in the family. It usually involves lots of muttering under her breath, a little cussing and and a lot of me staying out of the way.

So I'll snap a few photographs and then commence to staying out of the way.
She made progress. In fact, she made damn good progress.

She worked all afternoon and has just finished up for the day.

Now we are walking to a near by Italian restaurant for dinner.

Friday, July 08, 2016

Heart Health Has Household Hobbies on Hold

I had a doctor's appointment this morning to follow up on my defib implant from a month ago. As I write this, I am in a hospital bed in Room 625-2 of Sacred Heart Medical Center.

To get more information on "wazzzzzzup", visit for this date.

That way, I don't have to tell the story twice.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Solstice Report

It has taken me until Monday to report on the events of the weekend. It hasn't been particularly hectic, but we've had other things to do.

What was hectic was the hour prior to the start of the Solstice/Birthday Party. Susan felt she was waaaay behind which caused her great stress which was transferred to me.

Once the first guests started to arrive, Susan finally simmered down and had a beer.

Mom and about eight of her friends arrived by Limousine.
We figured out we had about 55 people at the house and at one point, they were all at the house at the same time. Then 9:00 arrived and we were down to about 15 folks. We all kind of puttered around and cleaned up. Before you knew it, everything was fairly tidy. We then settled down on the deck to drink and chat.

The great part of the party was the attendance of many of my cousins. Cheryl and Kerry Roberts, and Karla Peyton as well as all my sister Sherry's kids.

Sunday was a very mellow day which started with Brunch at Mom's.
We all met for one last time before everyone had to hit the road. Again, great to see EVERYONE!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Mo' Progress

We have had another major advancement in modern bathroom technology enhancement.
Shown above is a sink. It is a method of delivering water, on demand, to the operator of the sink. In this fashion, the operator may wash his (or her) face and hands, consume the aforementioned water, or just turn it on and let the water run for hours on end.
We will eventually change out this faucet. We would like something more old fashion looking, two handle cross tops with porcelain knobs.

But for now, and with the Solstice Party around the corner, this faucet will do

Life's Simple Pleasures

It was a true pleasure to take my morning constitutional in the main floor bathroom this morning. The floor was warm and the capacious setting brought serenity unto my personage. There was also the satisfaction of being in a room that we had a major hand in creating. And a little embarrassment at how long it has taken.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Three Hundred Ninety-Se7en Days Without a Toilet

I left work an hour early today in order to get home and get some important preliminary work done in the bathroom. I had to get the bead board installed on the toilet wall. I did all the measurements and layout last night and got everything marked up. When I got home, all I had to do is get everything cut out.
Surprisingly, it all fit! Wow!!! 

The other big obstacle was to remove the valve that supplies the toilet with water so I could place the bead board. That required the purchase of a crimping tool that tightens the ring around the valve. The tool cost $62.00 for something I will use once...maybe twice if I screw up. In reality, I used it once.

Anyway, all went well and the panel is in place. 

The next task was to pull the old toilet out of the Carriage House and get it cleaned up. It was a mess. 

Once the toilet was ready, it was a matter of placing the wax ring, putting the screws in place, and dropping the potty into position. 

All went well and we have a working toilet on the main floor.
Our looooooooooooooooooong national nightmare is over.

The next thing to do is to see if we can make the sink work.