Sunday, June 24, 2018

The Start of the Next Project

It is time to get another project going here at this old house.

This time we are taking on what we call, the TV Room. It could be a home office, a bedroom, or a sitting room. But for us, it's the TV room...the room where we almost never watch TV.

It should be an easy project for us because we are not doing anything major. We are removing the plaster and lath from the walls and then dry walling the walls and the ceiling. There will be a little rewiring and moving the cable connection for the TV.

Therefore, I am making the proclamation and setting the goal to be finished by the end of August.

(Appropriate pause to allow the laughter to subside)
Today, we have moved the couch out and a couple of tables.  We left the giant and unreasonably heavy armoire in there because the TV is still inside it and we have no place to put it right now.
I am currently waiting for all the radiators to drain. I started about two hours ago and as of just now, there is still a trickle. Once the trickle has become drip, I will remove that radiator shown in the corner so we can really get in to all the cranny's and the nooks.

So let the remodel begin!

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Attach of the Multiplicitous Moss

In between a variety of jobs I am doing around the house, I am helping my local handyman who is cleaning the moss off the roof. 

Last year, we hired the son of our friend Mark, to come over and put some zinc stripes up on the roof. The zinc is supposed to run down the roof when it rains and kill the moss. 

It's a year later now and the moss is quite healthy. So Mitch is back today to remove the moss. He's up there on the steep roof with a broom and a putty knife to clean out under each shingle. 

He's doing a great job.
While Mitch is up doing the work that I should be doing, I have gone out and taken delivery of our latest investment in our home winery.
No, that is not a still. Although, that would be nice too. We bought us a top of the line, enamel coated Hand Crank Grape Crusher. It stands just over six feet tall and it is hungry for some grapes. 

Unfortunately, it will have to wait until October when the harvest is in.

When we started looking at this, it was $420.00. Then we realized we would need the stand as well. That was $300.00. Then we realized it had to be shipped, which tacked on another $120.00. And of course, we couldn't get out of this transaction without paying some sort of tax to someone, $79.00.

So, our $420.00 grape crusher cost us just short of a thousand dollars. It's a good thing I like wine.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Yard Sale Saturday

If it's a rainy Saturday in June, it must be the Corbin Park Yard Sale.

Today is no exception. I got up at 7:30 (which qualifies as sleeping in) and got the signs out around the neighborhood. I also placed an ad in the Classified section of the newspaper.

I drove around the park and saw about ten yards set up for the sale. That's 10 out of a possible 83.

I noticed a few other sales setting up on Cleaveland, a block off the park and I'll bet there are others on Euclid, a block off the other side of the park.

I'll check back later to update the weather, the sale, and how many beers I've had.

11:27AM: We took a stroll around the park to check out the sales. We had already arranged with one neighbor to buy a Weber Charcoal Grill for $30.00. Along the way we bought a stuffed snow man, $1, for the Teddy Bear Toss, an unopened "Derek and the Domino's" record album for a dollar, and a canister vacuum for 30 bucks.

3:21PM: I just wasted two watching "Baywatch", the movie, not the TV show. Although both are equally stupid.

5:58PM: Well, this was a pretty useless day as far as accomplishments go. sometimes, that's okay. I'm okay with it.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Se7en Years of Bad Luck?

Back in 2012, we remodeled the main floor entry and hallway. Among the fun stuff we discovered, we found a note from former owners of the house behind a mirror.

They had purchased and hung the mirror back in the winter of 1945. They wrote on the wall, leaving their names and the date. Susan had planned to wallpaper that area but this revelation put the kibosh on that idea. We ended up wallpapering right up to the area and then rehanging the mirror over it. 
We even added our own comments. 
You can refer to our posts back in July of 2012 for more details. Specifically, July 28th, 2012 shows a picture of the mirror just after we hung it.

Well, now we have to add some new comments. When we replaced the mirror, we did not screw it into the wall as it was when originally hung. I placed some reinforcements on the frame and added a chain to hang it by.

That lasted for six years. It fell off the wall tonight and totally shattered the 6 foot mirror and pretty much destroyed the frame as well. Oops!

Saturday, June 02, 2018

First Saturday in June

It's Saturday morning and we enjoyed a good solid sleep almost 9AM. I'm not really sure what is on the docket for today. Susan has mentioned something about completing her planting, although I'm not sure what that entails.

One thing I would like to do is teat into the Carriage House and clean and organize a little. Both are crucial...the cleaning is needed badly but the organizing is really needed more badder.

I have come up with a crook in the road. I need to go over to the General Store and find out about a front wheel bearing for my car. It's going out and needs to be replaced.

Okay, the bearing thing is taken care of. I can pick it up tomorrow for $114.00. I have a guy who will do the work next weekend.

Now it's time to work on the Carriage House.

I made some progress on the C.H. Nothing great but it's a little cleaner. That's like saying ISIS is a little less evil. 

It is approaching 5:00 and we are heading down to ArtFest in Cd'A Park. I hope to return with pictures.
This was really the only picture I took at ArtFest. These two dogs were transfixed on a squirrel up in a tree. They held that pose until their owner moved them on down the lane.

It was a typical ArtFest except the food offerings were much more limited. Susan was looking forward to a Gyro from Azar's but they weren't even there this year.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Memorial Day

We have made it to day three of the holiday weekend and I feel a bit incomplete. I really wanted to go out and visit my Uncle Jack's grave at Fairmont Memorial. He's the only member of the family that is buried here and was a veteran. He flew those big amphibious airplanes during WWII. I haven't been to his grave since he died back in the 80's. Anyway, it seemed like an appropriate day to go say hi and remember him. But I didn't!

We did however make great progress on the front garden.

Check out these stepping stones for stone stepping on. Susan got a bunch of plants into the ground and we have the front of the house looking like we belong in the neighborhood. Or at least, like the neighborhood will tolerate us.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Memorial Day Weekend - Day 1

It is the Memorial Day weekend and we are hanging around the house and doing a variety of chores. Susan is intent on getting the railing on the deck painted. While she is prepping for that I'm going to go out and do some lawn care in the form of mowering.

There will also be some beer drinking and remembering of those who served and sacrificed so I can spend a weekend mowering and beer drinking.

2:48PM: Whilst out mowering, I think I collect as much dirt in my grass catcher as grass. Therefore, I'm quite unkempt and more than a little dusty. My lawn is a disaster. I'm glad nobody looks to closely. So many bare dirt patches. 

But I've done what I can do with what I have to work with.

I have completed a bunch of little projects. I got the pond cleaned out, filled with water and the regurgitating turtle in place and operating at optimum efficiency. 
I also got the air conditioners installed. All three. Yes, box air conditioners are classic white trash but I have hidden them from the front view of the house so I believe I'm covered.

I'm going to start prepping the deck.

I got everything taped up and Susan arrived home just in time to begin the painting.

By now, you must be aware that I'm a big fan of before and after pictures.

Here's before.

And here's after.
We got through it in about two hours. We feel like we really accomplished something. We were so pleased, we went to the Hub for a celebratory beer.

Then we returned home and barbecued pork chops and asparagus and watched "Singin' in the Rain" on PBS.

Day One of the Holiday Weekend is a success!

Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Boiler Game and Injury

I have set the Boiler Game in motion by turning down the heat. I set the thermostat to 60 degrees. That should prevent the furnace from coming on unless it gets way cold, which is possible here in early May, but not likely.

We actually had to turn on the A.C. last night. It was on low and not terribly cool but enough to recognize having to power it up.

I also need to report a post Bloomsday injury. As I stated on Sundays post, Susan ran Bloomsday. You can check out that post for all the details.

She is currently suffering from a bruised tendon in her foot. She has a significant limp. She thinks she injured it on her foot massager on Sunday night. She went to the Doctor and he confirmed it's just a bruise, or strain, or stretch...whatever. It hurts!

Monday, May 07, 2018

Stray Cat

There is this really large cat that has been coming up on the deck in the mornings and eating the peanuts we put out for the squirrels.
I'm trying to figure out which of the neighbors this cat belongs to. As she was snarfing up peanuts this morning, I knocked on the window and startled her. She then lumbered off the deck and I went out to see where she goes. 
To my great surprise (not really) she went over to the garage and crawled into the hole she has dug under the garage. Oh great! It's not our neighbors cat, it's OURS!

By the way, I'm calling her "she" based on past behavior. It is the females who dig under the Carriage House to have a nice den to have babies.

Sunday, May 06, 2018

Bloomsday 2018

Susan ran Bloomsday today. I think it was her 29th consecutive year of participation. According to the website, Susan Burke, Bib Number 13332, finished in 1:36:13. She was the 12,096th finisher. Her pace averaged 12:53 per mile and she was 16th among women in her age group.

Pretty good!

Of course, I did not run. I drove her, along with Mark down to the race and then returned home for a big fatty breakfast and to watch the start of the race on TV. Then I meandered back downtown, rode my bike around the blocked off streets and then saved the table at the Onion.

We are now safe at home and after a nice hot tub and a nap, Susan is enjoying her Foot Massager.

Sorry! No pictures.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

The Margie Arndt Annual Pool Jump

Today is a tradition! Our neighbors Tammy and Lou open their pool on this day. It is Tammy's Mom's birthday and she always jumped in the pool on April 29th. Tammy has kept the tradition alive.

It is pouring rain.

The jump in the pool isn't until 3:00 so perhaps we can get the brunt of the rain outta the way so we can jump in the pool and not get wet from the rain.

I know it's not very sound logic, but it's all I got.

The weather cooperated. It cleared up enough for this to happen.

That water is cold!

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Rainy Days and Saturdays

8:43AM: For the past week we have enjoyed fabulous Summer like weather. So it only makes sense that we would wake up to torrential rain on a Saturday. 
It's the time of year to when we want to get the out of doors into shape for Summer Livin'. Susan wants to paint the wicker chairs we use on the front porch. She also wants to paint the outdoor carpets on the porch. She's on a painting jag.

So we will venture forth through the day and accomplish what we can.

10:40AM: We have had our traditional Saturday breakfast of CheeseEggs and I'm now ready to face the day.

Last Fall, I stupidly lost two of my best tools. One was my electric chain saw. I must have left it in the yard somewhere and somebody made off with it. I'm horrible about properly putting tools away and I am paying for it. 

Today I am paying for a new Leaf Blower. I stupidly left my old one out last fall, thinking I would come back later to get it and then forgetting about it long enough for someone to adopt it. So I'm off to the hardware store to buy a new one. I have my eye on a Black and Decker Combo Blower/Sucker.

I am a total MariahPhile so I cannot be without a blower.
You see, Away out here they got a name For rain and wind and fire
The rain is Tess, the fire is Joe, And they call the wind Mariah.

So I'm off to the Hardware to acquire some wind.

2:52PM: I have returned successfully from getting some wind and I am quite happy with the purchase. It cost $10.00 more than I was expecting but I'm okay with that. $87.00 for an electric blower slash sucker is okay.

While I am upstairs typing in the computer machine, Susan is downstairs working on her Stained Glass project. She is on the last phase, soldering the joints on the back side.

She is very critical of her work but I think it looks pretty good.

This is a picture I took back in March. It doesn't look much different from this now except that the joints are soldered.

We still have to go downtown and pick up her packet for the run she is doing tomorrow. It's the Run for Boobs that the Breast Cancer people put on as one of their fund raisers.

6:16PM: We have just returned from a carbo-loading dinner at Ferrarro's Italian Restaurant, which is not far from the house. I am stuffed!

We went downtown to get Susan's race packet, dropped by the Hub and then went to dinner. Did I mention I'm stuffed?!

Well, that it for this day. I'm going to go digest.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Hub Run 2018

Today, I participated in the Second Annual Hub Fun Run. It's a .08 mile run from the Hub down to the Mosey Inn, two blocks away. Once there you drink a beer and then run back to the Hub.
I finished the entire course in under nine minutes.

Then I proceeded to drink waaaay too many beers which made me lackluster the rest of the day.

Friday, April 20, 2018

First Mow of the Season

Wow! It's been nearly a month since I last posted. I guess that means nothing much has happened around here.

I have the time to post right now because I'm waiting around for the Plumber to show up. It is time to clean out the main line. Earlier this week, I had evidence of the sewer line backing up. The floor around the drain in the laundry room was dirty with little bits of toilet paper. The pattern definitely indicated the drain had experienced a backup.

I haven't seen any other indication since but it has been a good three years since we had the line roto'd so I am sure it is due.

Two nights ago, I mowed the lawn for the first time of 2018. Having been serviced back in February, my trusty Honda started on the second pull and performed magnificently. I was able to mow up a lot of the leaves I left on the ground last fall. There is still a lot of work to do out there but I have gotten a start on it.

I guess I shall go and play around with the piano whilst I wait for the Plumber to arrive.